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White Collar Crimes

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"White Collar Crimes" can refer to any number of potential criminal offenses. Generally, though, it refers to workplace offenses that often involve a breach of fiduciary trust. This can be something as simple as an accusation that an employee has comitted a theft of his or her employer's merchandise, inventory, or property. Or, the accusation can be far more complex, involving allegations ranging from simple mail fraud to large scale ponzi schemes.

Rick Oliver Attorney at Law has a Master's degree in Accounting. He worked in audit and public accounting for nearly five years before deciding to pursue a career in the law. Rick has an advantage over most of his peers who handle similar types of offenses: he understands the language. While many lawyers would need to expend hours trying to understand what is meant by the term "contra-account," Rick would simply need to understand what was alleged to have occurred within that account. 

Some common white collar criminal offenses include:

  1. Consumer Fraud
  2. Credit Card Fraud
  3. Insurance Fraud
  4. Identity Theft
  5. Bank Fraud
  6. Tax Fraud
  7. Bad checks

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Rick is a great lawyer; he worked with me financially and kept me informed. He gave me my options before I went to court so I knew what I was up against. Overall my case was dismissed. I highly recommend him to anyone in need. Thank you Rick.

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