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Sex Offenses

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Sex crimes are among the hardest to defend because of the public perception associated with the allegations. Citizens accused of crimes in this Country are supposed to enjoy the presumption of innocence. Experience has taught Rick that nothing is presumed about it; in particular in the case of sex offenses. 

If you've been charged with a sex crime you need a lawyer who won't blink in the face of difficult allegations. All allegations of sexual misconduct are difficult allegations. In spite of the difficulty your attorney must persevere in conducting an investigation into the allegations that is as thorough as possible. Information is often the best defense. Rick Oliver Attorney at Law will work tirelessly to discover the truth in hopes it will set you free. 

The law Office of Rick Oliver represents people accused of sexual misconduct in Houston, Texas and all surrounding areas. He has obtained successful results for clients who have had their worlds turned upside down by baseless accusations.

The consequences of conviction for sexual misconduct are among the harshest that can be imposed by law. Do not let a false accusation ruin your life. Obtaining experienced legal representation after an accusation is vitally important.

Common sex offenses include:

  1. Public Lewdness
  2. Indecent Exposure
  3. Improper Relationship between an Educator and Student
  4. Sexual Assault (Rape) / Aggravated Sexual Assault
  5. Indecency with a Child 
  6. Molestation
  7. Possession or Promotion of Child Pornography 
  8. Improper Photography or Visual Recording

Client Testimonials

Rick is a great lawyer; he worked with me financially and kept me informed. He gave me my options before I went to court so I knew what I was up against. Overall my case was dismissed. I highly recommend him to anyone in need. Thank you Rick.

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