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Drug Crimes


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There are no statutory penalities in Texas that specifically criminalize drug use. Instead, what is generally criminalized in Texas is drug possession. Drug possession is a statutorily defined term. In order to prove a person possessed drugs or contraband the state must prove you exercised "care, custody, control, and maintenance," over the substance. There are a multitude of factors that must be analyzed to determine whether the state can prove the accusation.  

Drug crimes in Houston are taken very seriously and the penalties associated with them can range from Class C misdemeanors all the way up to First Degree Felonies, depending upon the amount seized. Drug crimes can be charged as state or federal offenses. Convictions can lead to jail or prison time, a criminal record, drivers license suspension, and can dramatically impact your quality of life as far as gaining employment, finding housing, getting a home or school loan, becoming a professional, or being accepted to certain colleges or universities. Because all the cards are stacked against you after conviction of a drug crime it is essential to hire an experienced and tenacious criminal defense lawyer in Houston, TX before it is too late to prevent one.

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In my field of business I've met a lot of attorneys over the years and I can't think of anyone more diligent or that works harder for their clients than Rick does. His knowledge of case law is most impressive as well as his ability to negotiate the most favorable courtroom conditions for his client. It gave me great pleasure to watch him attack the prosecutions case from every angle and never blink throughout the process. His courtroom leadership, legal intellect and winning attitude make him one of the finest defense attorney's in town and I believe that he gives defendants the best chance for success.Thank you Rick!!

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